Acne Skin GPI Anatomical Model, LFA # 3750

LFA # 3750

Skin - Acne Skin GPI Anatomical Model, LFA # 3750

Enlarged cylindrical cross-section of skin with relief detail displaying three conditions: acne pustule (pimple), closed comedo (whitehead)and open Comedo (backhead) on back side. Also show is normal section of skin with the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tisue including hair follicle. 

Ideal for clinical display and consumer education

Model size: 4 1/2" dia x 5". With Educational Key Card.

Suitable for use in Dermatology, adolescent and general family practice, anatomical study, training for surgical dissection, schools and wellness clinics and for patient education/demonstration of procedures. Quantity discounts available.

Note: We also have the Cancer Skin Model- LFA #3850. Both models constitute excellent visual displays for patient education along with the Burn Skin Model- LFA #3800.