ACU-HORSE A Guide to Equine Acupressure, LFA # 92519

LFA #92519

Equine ACU-HORSE: A Guide to Equine Acupressure NEWLY PUBLISHED! An important new book by Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow, Tall Grass Institute, Castle Rock, Colorado.

LFA #92519 Horse Spiral Bound. Brand New.

Everything that a horse owner, healthcare, and veterinary practitioner needs to know about equine acupressure.

Key Chapters Include:

Introduction- The Evolution and Nature of the Horse

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Key Concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Theory of Chi

Theory of Ying-Yang

Five-Element Theory

Zang-Fu and Meridian Theory

12 Major Meridians and 2 Extraordinary Vessels

Assessing Your Horse

Equine Acupressure Session Protocol

Equine Specific Conditions... and more.

Quote: “I encourage you to read and study this book thoroughly and not underestimate the power of acupressure. Horses are such incredibly sensitive creatures and very receptive to energy medicine. If you remain grounded and get in tune with your horse, you will receive many benefits as well”

218 pages. Spiral bound. Authoritative. Horse owners, trainers, healthcare providers can use this easy-to-follow manual to learn Equine Acupressure. It covers the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, how to do a complete acupressure sessions, charts with all the major meridians, and specific condition treatments for common Equine issues. Also available, the companion Equine Acupressure Meridian Wall Chart, LFA #92517. Size: 12" x 18" Laminated.

Also available: Comprehensive Equine Anatomy Chart series, LFA #2559X

This Series provides the Equine Industry with a clinical background as it relates to the anatomical structures and common disorders found in the horse. Includes one each of the following thirteen (13) Equine Anatomy Charts (each available separately on E-Bay):

2536 E. Surface Anatomy

2537 E. Conformation

2538 E. Dental Anatomy

2539 E. Digestive Anatomy

92535 E. Skeletal Anatomy Chart

2540 E. Foot and Hoof

2541 E. Forelimb Regional Joint Anatomy

2542 E. Hindlimb Regional Joint Anatomy

2543 E. Foaling

2547 E. Mare Reproductive

2548 E. Navicular Syndrome

2549 E. Neurological

2550A E. Stallion Repro Anatomy

2559X Complete Set of 13 Equine Charts

Ideal for professional veterinary practices, veterinary tech or health science classes, horse breeder/owner education, research or equine anatomical study. Quantity discounts available.

All Wall Charts are 20" x 26". Laminated for durable, long life. May be marked upon with color felt tip pen. Designed to last for many years of use.