Spine Vertebrae Anatomy Classroom Medical Education Transparency Set of 8 LFA # 8200A

LFA #8200A

Spine Vertebrae Anatomy Medical Education Transparency Set  of 8  LFA # 8200A

A comprehensive extensive set of 8 detailed Hi-Res Human Medical Educational Transparencies of the Human Spine to accompany the designated LFA Human Anatomical models listed.


Each 8' x 10" transparency is in full color. Heavy Duty. Durable. May write on/wipe off. 


8 different Transparency sheets cards per set. Size: 8 1/2" x 11".


Major Areas include:

Lumbar Vertebrae- Anterior, Posterior

Muscled Vertebrae- Anterior, Posterior

Lumbar Vertebrae Degeneration

Lumbar Vertebare

3-Pc Half Lumbar Vertebrae

Full Spinal Column with Pelvis


A complete Listing of all 8 transparencies is shown in attachment #2 below.


Ideal for Anatomy and Physiology classroom education, and for staff and patient education.