Angiogram Sam IM CABG X3 with three Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts, LFA # 5110

LFA #5110

LFA #5110 Angiogram Sam IM CABG X3 Graft Anatomical Training Model, Cyroacrylic

This is one of several anatomically correct, three-dimensional "Angiogram Sam" Family Cardiovascular models currently available from Lake Forest Anatomicals for Medicine, Research and Education. Life-size reproduction in durable clear plastic with smooth, hollow passageways to allow the tracking and deployment of transluminal cardiovascular catheters, stents, and guidewires. Four-chambered heart mounted to aortic valve for pigtail and stenosis procedures. Arterial system with left and right coronaries, ascending and descending aorta, left and right sub-clavians, commor carotids and bilateral iliacs with femoral ports. Anatomically correct bifurcations ans curvture. X-ray imageable. Advanced Cyro-acrylic composite. Plexiglas base allows for supinf, RAO and LAO positional. See our other A/S Family models. Ideal for use in Cardiac Catheterization, Angiography and Interventional Radiology technical training.

Complete with Stand for protective display or positioning.

All "ANGIOGRAM SAM" Family members represent the realistic cardiovascular anatomy of a healthy 5 ft 8 in adult male of 180 lb. The dimensions were computed after cadaver studies of over 100 specimens and angiographic data of over 1,000 patients. The I.D. of the aorta and coronaries represent healthy intima.

Designed for use in Cardiac Research, Cardiac Catheterization or EP Cath Lab Training, Clinical Education or Demonstration Models for Medical Device sales/marketing teams. Quantity discounts available.

We also offer custom design Glass models of the cardio-vascular system for medical or industrial research and education including precise replicas of the cranial arteries, coronary arteries (with or without constrictions), carotids, aneurysms, etc. for use in stent and intra-cardiac pressure studies.

Our unique in-stock Catheterization and Laboratory Models available in clear plastic include the entire "Angiogram Sam Family" -"Angiogram Sam", LFA #5000, "Angiogram Sam Plus", LFA #5001, "Carotid Charlie", LFA #5002", Pacemaker Pete", LFA #5005, "Venous Sam", LFA #5010, Femoral Fred", LFA #5015 and the unique bilateral Venous-Arterial "Super Sam", LFA #5020. Also, in Glass, the unique "Angiogram Sam- Pediatric", LFA #5017G. We also have unique IM CABG graft models available.

"All high quality Angiogram Sam" models are intended for education or to improve angioplasty related techniques including guiding catheters, guide wires, or balloon catheters. It also provides an unparalleled visual image and understanding for angiography or related invasive interventional procedures.