Baldness Hair Loss Anatomical Model, LFA # 3900

LFA # 3900

Hair Loss 2-sided Anatomical Model, LFA # 3900

Enlarged two-sided skin cross-section. The “aging” side shows increasing age in three stages from left to right; decreasing gelatin and collagen, increasing wrinkles and age spots. Also portrays decreased blood flow due to shrinking blood vessels, thinning hair follicle length and width associated with the balding process. Graying hair, shrinking fat cells, and smaller sweat glands are also shown.

Ideal for clinical display and consumer education. Model Size: 6" x 2 1/4" x 4". Suitable for use in Gerontology, Dermatology, Hair Loss Practices, anatomical study, training for schools and wellness clinics and for patient education/demonstration of procedures. Quantity discounts available. Note: We also have the Skin Burn Model- LFA #3800 and Skin Cancer Model- LFA #3850 currently listed. Both models constitute excellent visual displays for patient education along with the new deluxe Skin with Burn Pathologies Model- LFA #2041.

Brand new. In original factory packaging. Made of a durable, plastic material accurately designed and colored to represent the major structures and, in certain instances, lesions or other abnormalities as described above. Ideal for clinical display and consumer education.