Bone Joint Starter Set of 3 Unmuscled GPI Anatomical Models - Knee, Hip, Shoulder LFA # 4018 SPECIAL OFFER

LFA #4018

Bone Joint Set of 3 Unmuscled Models - Knee, Hip, Shoulder LFA # 4018

A wonderful Starter Set of 3 of our most popular Basic Bone Joint Models including the Basic Knee, LFA #1000, Basic Hip, LFA #1260,and Basic Shoulder, LFA #1790. Ideal for the student, healthcare professional, health or science educator or legal/forensic practitioner.

Note: We also have the Muscled Joint version of this Special Offer, LFA #4019 which features the Muscled Knee, LFA #1060, Muscled Hip, LFA #1310, and Muscled Shoulder, LFA #1810.