Brain Color-Coded Anatomical Model, LFA # 2116

LFA #2116 ^

LFA #2116 Brain Color-Coded 8 Part Model

A life-size model of the human brain and brain stem. The left side is colored to show the sensory and motor areas. The 12 cranial nerves roots are shown and numbered, together with some of the important arteries. Dissects into 8 parts. Supplied on a base with a key card.

Model size: 8" x 8" x 7"

Ideal for Neurology, General or Neurological Surgery, anatomical dissection training for medical students, science education, or for patient education/demonstration of procedures.

Brand new. In original factory packaging. Made of a durable, plastic material accurately designed and colored to represent the major structures and, in certain instances, lesions or other abnormalities as described above.