Anatomy Alphabet Educational Chart, LFA # 7335 FUN!

LFA # 7335

Anatomy Alphabet Educational Chart, LFA # 7335  FUN!

This Chart depicts the Alphabet from A to Z as colorful and whimsical drawings of major organs and structures on the human body. Great for basic science and health education classes, etc. Suitable for students of all ages. Size is 17" H by 11" W. Brilliant medically accurate 4-color details. 

All LFA Charts and Posters are designed to a) Provide just the right level of detail, b) At-a-glance format, c) Striking colorful images, d) Enlarged view of key organs or structures, e) Comprehensive and anatomically/medically accurate.

Adhesive Backing. Convenient 17" x 11" size offers flexibility, durability and attractive appearance for medical professionals, patients, students and other specialists. Suitable for classroom or profssional offices.

Shipped in mailing tube.

Note: Quantity discounts available for classroom educational use.