Canine + Feline Anatomy Flashcards COMBO-PACK SPECIAL OFFER, LFA # 2024

LFA #2024 ^

Canine (Dog) + Feline (Cat) Anatomy Flashcards, LFA # 2024

LFA #2024 Includes both Canine and Feline Anatomy Flashcards Professional Vet. A complete set of 47 Canine and 52 Feline Veterinary Anatomical Flashcards for the vet office, student or professional education.

Ideal gift for the DVM, Vet Tech student or veterinary medical education classes.

Each Flashcard is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".

Includes Skeletal System, Muscular System, Joints and Ligaments, and Major Organ Systems.

We also stock the following Veterinary Wall Charts: LFA #2515 Canine Skeletal Anatomy LFA #2520 Canine Musculature LFA #2525 Canine Internal Organs Suitable for veterinary science, general anatomical study, training for surgical dissection, or for patient education/demonstration of procedures.

Quantity discounts available.