Canine and Feline Starter Set of Two, Clear Skull Anatomical Models, LFA # 2515 and 2516

Full skull shows the anatomical shapes, positions and proximity of roots to eye sockets and nasal cavity. Use to explain needed dental procedures without struggling with pet's mouth or using a real skull to demonstrate suggested procedures. Also enables the vet tech or assistant to learn the canine dental anatomy more easily. Excellent for lectures, wet labs and teaching demonstrations.Injection molded teeth are extra strong, of natural color and are anatomically correct.Teeth can be drilled and restored (with acrylic). Orthodontic devices, crowns and splints can be applied to the models for demonstration purposes.

LFA #2528

Set of (Two) Clear Canine and Feline Skull Anatomical Models, LFA # 2515 and 2516

Used by Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), instructors, anatomy educators, veterinary students and other animal care professionals. May be used as instructional aids for service organizations, e.g., ASPCA, shelters, community animal organizations, dog training and support groups for public instruction.

Quantity discounts available.

Size: 6" and 4". No stand or keycard.

Brand new. In original factory packaging.

Made of durable, hi-impact plastic materials accurately designed and lesions or other abnormalities as described below.

COMPLETE SET of four available as LFA # 2524A includes: Canine CLEAR Skull with Teeth, LFA # 2515, Feline CLEAR Skull with Teeth, LFA # 2516 , Canine SKULL RADIOPAQUE (for imaging), LFA #2523, and Feline Skull RADIOPAQUE LFA # 2522

Ideal for veterinary/health professional office, classroom, pet owner training, canine obedience and training schools, breeders and other canine care areas.

Note: We offer a broad line of Vet charts and models including Canine Skeleton, Musculature and Internal Organ charts, the complete Canine Skeleton, Canine Knee, Canine Pelvis, Canine Elbow, Canine 5 pc Vertebrae, Canine Heart (with heartworm), Canine Jaw (with teeth), Feline Jaw, Canine Ear (a two sided model showing a normal and an infected ear) and the new Canine Shoulder, LFA # 1075.

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Veterinary and Student Discount on Set of 5 Anatomical Models including Canine Ear, Canine Jaw, Canine Pelvis, Canine Heart and Canine Knee.
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