Canine + Feline REAL NATURAL BONE Skull Set of Two LFA # 2525A

LFA #2525A

Canine + Feline REAL NATURAL BONE Skull Set of Two LFA # 2525A. High Quality. Real Bone. 

· Anatomically accurate. Guaranteed High Quality

· Real Bone Canine and Feline Skulls

· No Missing Teeth

  Beetle Cleaned, No Harsh Chemicals

Used by DVM's, instructors, anatomy educators, veterinary students and other animal care professionals. May be used as instructional aids for service organizations, e.g., ASPCA, shelters, community animal organizations, dog training and support groups for public instruction. Quantity discounts available.

Sizes: Approx. 8" x 4 1/4" x 4". No stands or keycards.


Canine REAL BONE Skull with Teeth, LFA # 2519,

Feline REAL BONE Skull with Teeth, LFA # 2521,


Note: We also offer a broad line of Vet charts and models including Canine Skeleton, Musculature and Internal Organ charts, the complete Canine Skeleton, Canine Knee, Canine Pelvis, Canine Elbow, Canine 5 pc Vertebrae, Canine Heart (with heartworm), Canine Jaw (with teeth), Feline Jaw, Canine Ear (a two sided model showing a normal and an infected ear) and the new Canine Shoulder, LFA # 1075.

Special Offer!
Veterinary and Student Discount on Set of 4 or more Veterinary Anatomical Models including Canine Ear, Canine Jaw, Feline Shoulder, Canine Pelvis, Canine Heart, Canine Knee, etc. Email for more information and quotation.