Stroke Chart - Understanding Stroke Spanish Language- Laminated *

LFA #99868SP

LFA #99868SP Chart - Understanding Stroke Spanish Language.

Redesigned for easier comprehension, this latest edition provides essential information regarding stroke. Explains and illustrates stroke, including the two main types: ischemic and hemorrhagic. For ischemic stroke, shows common sites of plaque formation, formation of a thrombus and embolus. For hemorrhagic strokes, illustrates brain with intracerebral hemorrhage and ateriovenous malformation (AVM). Shows Circle of Willis with aneurysm and cross-section of brain with subarachnoid hemorrhage, arterioles and microaneurysm. Also provides illustration of the brain and discusses it's functional areas & their roles in the body. Describes events leading to a stroke. Lists risk factors and common neurological deficits after stroke. Size is 20" W by 26" H.

All LFA Charts and Posters are designed to a) Provide just the right level of detail, b) At-a-glance format, c) Striking colorful images, d) Enlarged view of key organs or structures, e) Comprehensive and anatomically/medically accurate.Plastic laminate, 20" x 26" offers flexibility, durability and attractive appearance for medical professionals, patients, students and other specialists. Complete with metal eyelets at top cornors for hanging or portable stand display. "Write-on, wipe-off" surface is perfect for classrooms and professional offices.Shipped in mailing tube. Note: Many charts and posters also available in Spanish (-SP) to meet the needs of an expanding Spanish-language population and for improved communication.