Canine Teeth Jaw CLEAR Anatomical Model, LFA # 9196 *

LFA #9196

Canine Teeth Jaw CLEAR Anatomical Model, LFA # 9196

Clear Canine Jaw- Healthy hinged canine jaw showing the roots of all teeth (incisers, canine, premolars, molars).

May be opened, closed and separated for closer study.

Model size: 4.25"(L) x 3"(W) x 2"(H)

Ideal for general veterinary anatomical study, training for surgical dissection, or for pet owner education/demonstration of procedures.

For clinical radiographic or dental imaging, it is recommended that the Canine Dentoform Radiopaque Dental model LFA # 2523 be used. (Feline = LFA # 2522)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the exact and delicate nature of the Canine tooth structures shown, we can not guarantee nor accept a return in the event that this model is dropped or otherwise damaged.

Includes educational key card. No base.
Ideal for clinical display and consumer education

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LFA # 9204 includes all seventeen (17) Veterinary Anatomical Models including the following Canine and Feline Models: Canine: (12) 9050, 9051, 9060, 9070, 9075, 9080, 9090, 9095, 9151, 9195, 9196, and 9200 Feline: (5) 9141, 9160, 9170, 9190, and 9191

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