Elbow Joint Fully Functional Anatomical Model *

LFA #2415

Elbow Joint Fully Functional Anatomical Model

LFA #2415 Elbow Joint Fully Functional Elbow Joint Model: Top of the line model. This is one of the professional, high quality SSM tm series of FULLY FUNCTIONAL joint models offered by Lake Forest Anatomicals. Each is a medically accurate three-dimensional anatomical model designed for the medical professional.The right elbow joint model features an exclusive detachable ligament system, allowing a complete view of each individual ligament, bone and cartilege. The ligaments are made of a sturdy elastomeric material which allows for years of demonstration of the full range of motion, including flexion and extension of the upper arm and forearm and rotation movement of the radius. Removable from stand. Model size: 16" x 8" x 9"

Suitable for Orthopedic Surgery, general anatomical study, training for surgical dissection, sports medicine, or for patient education/demonstration of procedures.

Ideal for legal/forensic demonstration and display. Brand new. In original factory packaging. We also offer other Fully Functional SSMtm branded orthopedic bone/joint models including Fully Functional Knee, Hip, Hand/Wrist, Foot/Ankle, and Shoulder. Most with full range of joint motion and detachable ligaments.

Note: All SOMSO™ anatomical models are manufactured in Germany to highest quality standards and may be subject to availability. If lead-time is important, please request status of availability prior to placing order. Email us at mail@lakeforestanatomicals.com