Equine Dental Anatomy Laminated Chart LFA # 2538

LFA #2538

Equine (Horse) Dental Anatomy Wall Chart, LFA # 2538

Equine Wall Chart - Dental Anatomy Wall Chart. Full Color. Size: 26" x 20" Laminated for long life. Also Available: LFA #2559X Equine - Complete Set of 13 SPECIAL OFFER. Complete Set of thirteen (13) Equine Wall Charts including: LFA #92535 Equine Skeletal Anatomy, #2536 Surface Anatomy, #2537 Conformation, #2538 Dental Anatomy, #2539 Digestive Anatomy, #2540 Foot and Hoof, #2541 Forelimb Regional Joint, #2542 Hindlimb Regional Joint, #2543 Foaling, #2547 Mare Reproductive, #2548 Navicular Syndrome, #2549 Neurological and #2550A Stallion Reproductive Anatomy. See detailed descriptions for each Chart. Thirteen charts in all. Highly detailed wall charts. Full-color. Hang in barn or classroom for education and to better understand information from your veterinarian, blacksmith and horse! Great educational and illustrative charts for classroom or office display or for owner education.

Laminated for long life. Size: 21" L x 27 " H Provides the equine industry with a clinically accurate anatomical chart set as it relates to the common disorders found in the horse.