Canine Denti-Model Pathology w Chart LFA # 2908

LFA # 2908

Canine Denti-Model Pathology w Chart LFA # 2908

Provides the closest simulation to real life animal dentition by way of anatomical relationships, tooth hardness, gingival density and jaw articulation. Makes it possible to practice every aspect of dentistry including tooth extractions, periodontic and prosthodontic techniques, cavity preparation and routine cleanings. Model Size: 4" x 3" x 2".

COMPLETE SET of four available as LFA # 2524A includes: Canine CLEAR Skull with Teeth, LFA # 2515, Feline CLEAR Skull with Teeth, LFA # 2516 , Canine SKULL RADIOPAQUE (for imaging), LFA #2523, and Feline Skull RADIOPAQUE LFA # 2522

Quantity discounts available.

Brand new. In original factory packaging.

Made of durable, hi impact plastic materials accurately designed and lesions or other abnormalities as described below.

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SPECIAL OFFER: LFA #9203 A wonderful set of five (5) of our most popular Feline Veterinary Anatomical Models including LFA #9141 Feline Heart/Lung, LFA #9160 Feline Hip, LFA #9170 Feline Elbow/Shoulder, LFA #9190 Feline Jaw, and LFA #9191 CLEAR Feline Jaw/Teeth

Ideal for the new DVM practitioner, educational facility or Vet Tech student, etc.Email for more information