Endodontic Dental Model Sequence #1 LFA # 2905

LFA # 2905

Endodontic Dental Sequence #1 LFA # 2905

Covering all the basic steps for endodontic treatment. The 2x natural size was developed to demonstrate a molar root canal. (Step 1) Shows dental decay reaching the pulp and inflaming the alveolar bone. (Step 2) Shows the root canal cleaned and shaped after preparation. (Step 3) The root canal has been filled and sealed with a temporary filling. (Step 4) The temporary filling is removed, a cast post is placed in the mesial canal before resin restoration and covered with a PFM Crown.

May be used as instructional aids for service organizations, e.g., Veterinary Medicine, ASPCA, shelters, community animal organizations, pet owner or staff training and support groups for public instruction.

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Brand new. In original factory packaging.

Made of durable, hi impact plastic materials accurately designed and lesions or other abnormalities as described below.

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