Female Pelvis w Femur Heads Anatomical Model LFA # 2802

LFA #2802

Female Pelvis Anatomical Model, LFA # 2802

Female Pelvis w Femur Heads, Professional Model #2802: A popular life-size pelvic model completely articulated with the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and coccyx. Femur heads are attached with elastic cord. Brand new. In original factory packaging. Made of a durable, plastic material accurately designed and colored to represent the major structures and, in certain instances, lesions or other abnormalities as described above. No stand. Suitable for Maternal Care and Child Birth, OB/GYN, Family and General Medicine, general anatomical study, training for childbirth, school sex education courses, and patient education/demonstration of procedures.Suitable for Obstetrical/Gyn, Midwifery, Women's Health and Maternal Care, general anatomical study, or for patient education/demonstration of the child-bearing and birth procedure. Quantity discounts available.

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