Angiogram Sam Femoral Fred Anatomical Training Model, LFA # 5015

LFA #5015

Femoral Fred Anatomical Training Model LFA # 5015

This is one of several anatomically correct, high-quality three-dimensional and/or dissected anatomical models currently listed by Lake Forest Anatomicals for Cardiac Catheterization, Angiography and Interventional Radiology.

This model is:

"FEMORAL FRED" - Professional Plastic Angioplasty Cardiac Cath Lab Training Model- LFA #5015:

"FEMORAL FRED " is the realistic LOWER cardiovascular anatomy of a healthy 5 ft 8 in adult male of 180 lb. The dimensions were computed after cadaver studies of over 100 specimens and angiographic data of over 1,000 patients.

Normal and Intended Use:

"FEMORAL FRED" is designed to provide a level of frustration and challenges similar to those encountered in the cardiac catheterization laboratory, such as difficulty in turning the catheter, or maintaining position. After multiple attempts, "FEMORAL FRED" is intended to improve invasive techniques including pacemaker leads, EP catheters, transeptal guide wires, and valvuloplasty balloon catheters. It also provides an unparalleled visual understanding and feeling for angiographic positioning for most interventional procedures.

"FEMORAL FRED" cannot replace the real experience but may improve final outcomes by allowing novice practitioners a non-threatening practice venue, and by challenging experienced operator skills and their spatial understanding.

Normal use implies that lumenal catheters are inserted using wires with stiff guiding lumen catheters. Swan and femoral pacers can be introduced as normally prescribed.

Made of a durable, clear plastic (cryoacrylic) material accurately designed to represent the major cardiovascular structures as described above.

Designed for use in Cardiac Research, Cardiac Catheterization or EP Cath Lab Training, Clinical Education or Demonstration Models for Medical Device sales/marketing teams. Quantity discounts available. Also available as Custom Glass Model, LFA #5015G

We also offer custom design Glass models of the cardio-vascular system for medical or industrial research and education including precise replicas of the cranial arteries, coronary arteries (with or without constrictions), carotids, aneurysms, etc. for use in stent and intra-cardiac pressure studies.

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