Harvey Skeleton, Economy Life-sized with Skeletal Anatomy Chart LFA # SM102 *

LFA #SM102


This high quality life-size articulated adult plastic skeleton model is a very popular educational level skeleton and comes with stand, dust cover and detailed skeletal system chart. This chart measures 30" by 14". Skeleton can be placed in stand or hanged from hook on top of skull.

This skeleton is ideal for teaching the basics of anatomy when intricate textural nuances of the bone are not required. Articulated joints allow for complete movement as well as all fingers and toes fully movable. The arms and legs are removable for study and the leg easily comes apart to separate the femur from the lower leg, feature not found in many other models.

Features nerve branches, vertebral artery and herniated lumbar disc. Skull includes movable jaw (with internal hidden spring), cut calvarium, suture lines, and 3 removable lower teeth. Size: 5' 6" tall. Weight: 21 lbs. Could also be used in Halloween, theater or film props. Stand, chart, and dust cover are included!!

Some features are as follows:

*Movable jaw on springs.

*Removable Calvarium.

*Three removable teeth and three extra teeth.

*Stand & Dust Cover.

*Skeletal System chart, 30 x 14 in.

*Legs can be separated into two parts.

*Spinal Nerves and Vertebral artery.

*Jointed arms and legs which are removable.

*Made from a durable plastic resin, which can be painted, stained, sanded or drilled.

*Stand is included!

Shipping Weight: 30lbs