Horse Foot REAL BONE Comparative Anatomy LFA # T30023 *

LFA #T30023

Horse Foot (Equus ferus caballus) REAL BONE Comparative Anatomy LFA # T30023

This Equine Foot illustrates the anatomical differentiation of a equine mammalian foot/hoof for classroom display and demonstration of anatomical structure.

Prepared, real, front or rear horse foot. (Random) Up to the carpal or tarsal joint. The bones are rigidly connected to each other. The hoof capsule is supplied separately with the foot.

Also available, the Mammalian Feet REAL BONE Comparative Set of 5 LFA #T30024 consisting of specimens from the following real animal skeletons:

* Cow Foot/Hoof

* Pig with separately mounted hooves

*Sheep with separately mounted hooves

*Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of cat

* Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of dog.

Subjective to availability.

Also Available: Canine and Feline Starter Sets

LFA # 9201 includes #9050 Canine Knee, #9060 Canine Hip, #9151 Canine Heart Lung, #9195 Canine Jaw and #9200 Canine Ear.

LFA # 9202 includes #9070 Canine Elbow, #9075 Canine Shoulder, #9080 Canine 5pc Vertebra with Sacrum, #9090 Canine Skin with Flea and #9196 Canine CLEAR Jaw.

LFA # 9203 includes #9141 Feline Heart Lung, #9160 Feline Hip, #9170 Feline Elbow Shoulder, #9190 Feline Jaw and #9191 Feline CLEAR Jaw with teeth.

Ideal for Veterinary Classroom Education and Display


LFA # 9204 includes all seventeen (17) Veterinary Anatomical Models including the following Canine and Feline Models: Canine: (12) 9050, 9051, 9060, 9070, 9075, 9080, 9090, 9095, 9151, 9195, 9196, and 9200 Feline: (5) 9141, 9160, 9170, 9190, and 9191

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Custom Mix Sets available for quotation.