Foot SOMSO COMPLETE SET OF THREE NS-1-3 Professional Anatomical Models LFA # 22179-X SPECIAL SALE PRICE

LFA #22179-X

SPECIAL OFFER: The COMPLETE SET OF THREE AVAILABLE as LFA # 22179-X which includes LFA #22176 Normal Foot, LFA #22177 Flat Foot, and LFA #22178 Arched Foot.

Ideal for Podiatry, teaching and consumer education. Note: All SOMSO™ anatomical models are manufactured in Germany to highest quality standards.

Life Size. Outstanding. Features the detailed anatomical structures of the foot and the distal end of the tibia. One piece. Model does not dissect. Size: 5 1/2" x 10" x 4". Ideal for professional Podiatry medicine,teaching and consumer education.