Canine Dog Wilderness Emergency First Aid Kit 60pc, LFA #99995

Canine Dog Wilderness First Aid Kit Deluxe Emergency Kit LFA #99995



Pet Emergency Education Wilderness First Aid Kit for Dogs was designed for pet owners and animal professionals that take dogs on outdoor adventures. Anyone that has a dog that participates in recreational activities needs one of these kits! Packed with 35 high quality first aid items.

Water Resistant Case, Durable Shell, Floats in Water

The case comes with multiple compartments for maximum storage and portability

Fully stocked with first aid items design specifically for animals not humans!

See Contents and Description Below

“I highly recommend that every dog’s human carry one of these Canine Wilderness First Aid kits with them on their outdoor adventures! The items are simple to use and provide peace of mind that you have the tools you need to provide critical care for your canine companions while on the trail, boat, or slopes when the unexpected occurs.”

Sierra Hawksley, W-EMT Owner/Operator of Telluride K9 Adventures (


Every high quality item has been carefully selected to assist a dog experiencing a medical emergency while hiking, camping, hunting, swimming, playing at the dog park and more. Featuring a compact, very portable, durable, water-resistant, hard shell case that can easily be placed in a backpack, travel bag, glove compartment and even on a boat. The case even floats! Designed by veterinary professionals that are experienced outdoor enthusiasts, this kit contain vital first aid supplies crucial for managing common medical emergencies that can occur in remote areas or where veterinary care may not be easily attainable. Such injuries can include wounds, bites, poisoning, heatstroke, hypothermia and more.

Kit Includes:

Durable Water Resistant Hard Shell Case with Carabiner

Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors

Stainless Steel Forceps

2 Pairs of Disposable Gloves

5 mL Oral Dosing

Emergency Whistle

Emergency Leash

Collapsible Water Bowl w/Clip

2 4×4 Gauze

Flashlight with Carabiner

Ice Pack

2 Splints

10 Cotton Swabs

1 Roll of Porous Medical Tape

1 Roll of Adhesive Bandage

Thermal Survival Blanket

Blood Clotting Stick

2 Antiseptic Packets

2″ Rolled Gauze

Wilderness First Aid Kit Guide for Dogs Written by Veterinary Professionals

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60 high quality first aid items for use on pets.

Portable hard-foam case that is water resistant and floats

Designed by a certified Veterinary Technician CVT

Approved and endorsed by the Pet Emergency Education Company and Veterinary Professionals.


This convenient Companion Animal (small animal) Emergency Care Kit is ideal for use in the home, car or professional locations. Handy zippered carrying case with handle. Note: Quantity discounts available. Email for more information.


Note: The authoritative REFERENCE GUIDE - Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid, by Amy D'Andrea, MEd, RVT,\, CVT, VTS(EVN) is also available. See LFA # 99994. Quantity pricing available. 

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