Haemostasis Mini Veterinary Training Pad LFA # 2610 *

LFA #2610

Haemostasis Pad Mini (HP Mini)

Rescue Critters’® Haemostasis Pad Mini (a down-sized version of the original Haemostasis Pad) is an advanced surgical training product. The HP Mini has an immensely lifelike feel to it and features the epidermis, dermis, subcutis layers and blood vessels.

Trainees can make incisions on the blood vessels and perform haemostasis, longitudinal arteriotomy, end-to-end anastomosis and ligation.

Another secondary function of the HP Mini enables trainees to also practise their suturing skills on a realistic surface.

This pad is approximately 6 X 6 X 0.5″. Trainees should be able to perform about 10 to 15 incisions over the entire surface of the pad, depending on the size of the incisions.

The HP Mini comes in its own specially designed box and a pack of artificial blood. The IV drip bag and stand may be purchased separately.