Spinal Cervical Vertebrae Muscled Anatomical Model, LFA # 1720

LFA # 1720

Vertebrae Cervical Muscles Nerves Anatomical Model

Full size model features brain stem, occipital bone, atlas and axis thru C7, with herniated disc, T1 and T3. This model has a soft cerebellum, full nerve with right side brachial plexus. Muscles include suboccipital triangle, longus capitis, levator scapulae, scalenus medius posterior and anterior. The right first and second ribs also also featured and include cartilage.

Approx. Height 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 10" inches.

Suitable for Orthopaedics, general medicine, anatomical study, training for surgical dissection, rehab, sports medicine, and for patient education/demonstration of procedures.

Ideal for clinical display and consumer education

Ideal for physician/nursing/health professional office, classroom, patient training, or other clinical areas.

Quantity discounts available.

Brand new. In original factory packaging. Made of a durable, plastic material accurately designed and colored to represent the major structures and, in certain instances, lesions or other abnormalities as described above. Includes sturdy and attractive display stand and detailed instructional card.

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