Flexible Spine with Femur Heads and Painted Muscles, SP6011 *

LFA #SP6011 ^

SP6011: Painted spines add a new dimension to demonstrations about the anatomy of the human spinal column. Muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are painted on left innominate, femur and vertebrae of the human spine replica. In addition to all features of the Classic Spine Series our Deluxe Spine Model has a sacral opening and exposed brain stem for advanced anatomical studies. Other features of the spine are:

Full pelvis and occipital plate

Fully flexible mounting throughout spine

L3-L4 disc prolapsed on spinal column

Spinal nerve exits

Cervical vertebral artery

Male pelvis

Cauda equina

With movable mounted femur heads

This high quality flexible spine with femur heads and painted muscles is a great teaching tool for the anatomy of the human spinal column.

Stand is not included with spine, please see Stand for Spinal Columns and Skeletons, SP#6016.

Size: 32.7in/83cm

Weight: 4.63lb/2.1kg