Canine Search and Rescue Training Manikin FETCH® LFA # 2574^

LFA #2574

Canine Search and Rescue Training Manikin FETCH, LFA # 2574


Each of the Rescue Critters manikins are MADE TO ORDER. For established U.S. Customers (U.S. and Canada), Terms are NET 30 days with institutional Purchase Order after order placement. Because each manikin is made to order, please allow an estimated 12-14 weeks after payment. We will provide timely updates as this estimated delivery date may change.

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Note: Due to size and weight, this model requires a formal quotation for shipment to Canada and International locations unless to be charged to a corporate or institutional FedEx or equivalent shipping account. Please email for more information.


Purpose: Unlike our other veterinary mannikins, Fetch is a truly unique dog made to reflect the real weight of a full-sized German Shepherd. This sturdy dog is a perfect training partner for search and rescue organizations, animal regulations controls and police K-9 units.

The utility of Fetch is endless. Because it is a heavy life-sized dog, it creates realism during training sessions. For instance, the practice of extricating trapped dogs, fast water and ice-hole retrieval. Especially pertinent, police and military K-9 units can practice rappelling, negotiate complex geography and critical areas. A harness, fashioned just for Fetch, allows him to be lowered, rappelled, cast, and retrieved in training. Fetch is designed to float, and its tough exterior can handle the harshest terrain.

Representations of bullet entrance, exit wounds, and lacerations now come in all Fetches.

An impaled knife wound with removable knife (Item# 920D) can be included for $40.00.

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The Vet Suture Patch is transparent to allow students to study and analyze their handiwork while allowing them to practice their suturing on a larger surface area. Mimicking the turgidity and resistance of real skin, this patch can be used repeatedly. Incisions can be made over the entire surface of the patch.

Dimensions of the pad are approximately 9.5"x 6.5" x 0.5".

®Registered Trademark Of Rescue Critters, Inc.