Canine Femoral Leg Bone Fracture Feature for JERRY Manikins- Add-On ONLY LFA # 2591 *

LFA #2591

Canine Femoral Leg Bone Fracture JERRY Add-On ONLY  LFA # 2591 *This is NOT a free-standing manikin but an Add-On to either the Advanced Airway JERRY manikin # 2602A or the Critical Care JERRY LFA # 2570A. 


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Canine Femoral Leg Bone Fracture FA # 2591. Optional Add-On Feature to Selected Training Manikins.

Purpose: An optional extra or add-on feature to either the Canine Critical Care Manikin JERRY as LFA #2570A or Canine Advanced Airway Manikin JERRY as #2602A can now be included – a long oblique fracture of the right femoral leg bone.

This custom feature will allow students to learn how to set and repair common K-9 fractures.

Also available, the Canine Skin Suture Training model, LFA # 2563

Suture Patch II is transparent to allow students to study and analyze their handiwork while allowing them to practice their suturing on a larger surface area. Mimicking the turgidity and resistance of real skin, this patch can be used repeatedly. Incisions can be made over the entire surface of the patch.

Dimensions of the pad are approximately 9.5"x 6.5" x 0.5".


New!  Deluxe Pet Emergency First Aid Kit, 60 pc  - Canine Feline Companion Animal Pet Emergency Kit , LFA #99997

60 high quality first aid items for use on pets.

Portable hard-foam case that is water resistant and floats

Designed by a certified Veterinary Technician CVT

Approved and endorsed by the Pet Emergency Education Company and Veterinary Professionals.


This convenient Companion Animal (small animal) Emergency Care Kit is ideal for use in the home, car or professional locations. Handy zippered carrying case with handle. Note: Quantity discounts available. Email for more information.


The Deluxe Pet Emergency Kit, LFA # 99997, consists of the following items:

Durable water resistant case, It floats! Veterinary Thermometer specifically designed for animals (Flex tip for safety, longer sensor for more accurate reading) Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors Stainless Steel Forceps Blood Clotting Stick CPR Barrier Mask for dogs and cats Pair of Disposable Gloves 2 Splints Emergency Whistle 8 Packets of Iodine Disinfectant 8 2×2″ Sterile Gauze Squares 4 4×4 Sterile Gauze Squares 10 Cotton Balls Emergency Leash 2 Rolls of 2″ Rolled Conform Bandage 1 Roll of Porous Medical Tape 1 Roll of Adhesive Bandage Thermal Survival Blanket Collapsible Water Bowl with Carabiner 5 mL Oral Dosing Syringe Ice Pack 10 Cotton Swabs Pet First Aid Tip Guide

 Durable waterproof case 9″x 8″x 3″

Ideal gift for the DVM, Vet Tech student, professional Pet Care or Owner.