Canine IV Training Manikin- Rear Canine Leg and Accessories, LFA # 2562R

LFA #2562R

Canine (Dog) IV Training Manikin- Rear Canine Leg and Accessories Anatomical Model, LFA # 2562R

Canine IV Training Model- Rear Hind Leg and Accessories

Specifically built to teach the drawing of blood and performing of injections, our Canine IV Trainer is the perfect pedagogical tool for this purpose. It is realistically sculpted as the hind limb of a dog. This simple product will help students become accustomed to these tactile procedures.

The Rear Leg IV Trainer comes complete with stand, artificial blood, blood bag and fur brush in a duffle bag.

Also available, the Front Leg IV Trainer, LFA # 2562F and the Canine Skin Suture Patch II Training model, LFA # 2563

Suture Patch II is transparent to allow students to study and analyze their handiwork while allowing them to practice their suturing on a larger surface area. Mimicking the turgidity and resistance of real skin, this patch can be used repeatedly. Incisions can be made over the entire surface of the patch.

Dimensions of the pad are approximately 9.5"x 6.5" x 0.5".